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Regulatory compliance policy

The Regulatory Compliance Policy ratifies Informa Consulting’s desire to maintain a conduct that respects both the rules and its ethical values, defining its framework of principles in matters of Regulatory Compliance.

This Policy is aligned and represents a line of continuity with the culture of integrity and respect for rules and ethics that Informa Consulting has been maintaining and defending, and takes into consideration not only the interests of the Organisation, but also the demands that may come from its Stakeholders and society.

It is, therefore, a text in line with the strategic objectives of the Organisation and, consequently, with its determination not to tolerate any conduct that could constitute a non-compliance. This line of action is a proof and ratification of the maximum commitment of the Governing Body and Senior Management, as well as of the rest of the members of the Organisation, to comply with its provisions.

The principles of action set out in the Regulatory Compliance Policy constitute the behavioural framework required. For the development of the Policy, Informa Consulting has established, through the Regulatory Compliance Committee, a specific and effective Regulatory Compliance Model.

One of the elements of Informa Consulting’s Regulatory Compliance Model is the Internal Information System (the policy can be read here). If you wish to report an action contrary to the regulation or the entity, you can do so through our Internal Information Systema, by clicking here.