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Prevention of money laundering

We have been providing services related to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing for more than 18 years.

Informa Consulting through its Managing Partner, Sergio Salcines, is part of a Working Group with the Sepblac and the Treasury for the discussion of the regulation and specifically for the modification of Order 2444/2007 which regulates the content of the External Expert Report. It should be noted that Informa Consulting is the only entity that is part of this Working Group that is not a Big4.

In addition, we are members of the AML/CFT Commission of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and members of the Group of External Experts on AML/CFT of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Spain.

External Expert Reports

Our partners Mr. Sergio Salcines and Ms. Cecilia Carrasco are registered with the Sepblac as External Experts since the creation of the register of External Experts and we issue more than 130 External Expert Reports annually for more than 350 regulated entities.

We use our own methodology developed internally in our firm, whereby we use checklists, work templates, etc., which allows us to be very effective and efficient. Our work is based on a close cooperation with our clients in order to not only identify possible non-compliances, but also to guide and advise them in the best market practices, in the implementation of improvements or in solving deficiencies. Our priority is that our clients can be reassured about their anti-money laundering prevention system in the event of an inspection.


  • Drafting, updating and creation of manuals and policies.
  • Preparation of risk self-assessment reports.
  • Advice on the implementation of tools.
  • Definition of alerts and filters for the detection and analysis of operations.
  • Review of KYC, client files and the application of reinforced measures.
  • Analysis of special examinations carried out by the regulated entity.
  • Advice and support in inspections and sanctioning proceedings.
  • Diagnostics in terms of AML and FT for entities subject to Law 10/2010 or entities that are not.
  • Audits of tools used in the money laundering prevention circuit.


  • Delegated management of the Operational Unit for the prevention of money laundering.
  • Assignment of resources for money laundering prevention departments.
  • Delegated management of customer registration and KYC review.
  • Delegated management of operation analysis.
  • ICB Secretariat.


Online and classroom training for different groups: employees, members of internal control bodies, board members. You can click on the following link to access all the information.