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Oferta de empleo

Offer of emplyment

25 de February de 2021

Are you interested in internal control in the world of the securities market? At Informa Consulting we are expanding our...

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Curso de preparaci贸n

CICO preparation course

18 de February de 2021

Informa Consulting launches the training programme for the preparation of the International Compliance Officer Certification (CICO) of the Instituto Oficiales...

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loterias y apuestas del estado

Sociedad Estatal Loter铆as y Apuestas…

11 de February de 2021

This year, for the first time, 饾棪饾椉饾棸饾椂饾棽饾棻饾棶饾棻 饾棙饾榾饾榿饾棶饾榿饾棶饾椆 饾棢饾椉饾榿饾棽饾椏铆饾棶饾榾 饾槅 饾棓饾椊饾槀饾棽饾榾饾榿饾棶饾榾 饾棻饾棽饾椆 饾棙饾榾饾榿饾棶饾棻饾椉 (饾棪饾棙饾棢饾棓饾棙) has entrusted INFORMA CONSULTING to carry...

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Q&AWebinar enero

Q&AWebinar January

21 de January de 2021

Our colleague Esther Mart铆nez del R铆o will give the first Q&AWebinar: DATA PROTECTION: consequences of the sanctioning turn of the...

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Emilio Ruiz

Emilio Ruiz: 5 years at…

11 de January de 2021

This week makes 5 years that our colleague Emilio Ruiz Pelayo is part of Informa Consulting. Therefore, we believe it...

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Informa Consulting, ASCRI members

8 de January de 2021

Last December, the Board of Directors of ASCRI, the Spanish Association for Capital, Growth and Investment, approved our application for...

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Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021

21 de December de 2020

From INFORMA CONSULTING we would like to thank all of you who have accompanied us during this year 2020, so...

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Q&AWebinar febrero

Q&AWebinar February

15 de February de 2020

Our colleague Stefanos Amallobieta Theodorou will give the Q&AWebinar "饾棧饾椏饾棽饾槂饾棽饾椈饾棸饾椂贸饾椈 饾棻饾棽饾椆 饾棷饾椆饾棶饾椈饾椌饾槀饾棽饾椉 饾棻饾棽 饾棸饾棶饾椊饾椂饾榿饾棶饾椆饾棽饾榾: 饾椈饾槀饾棽饾槂饾棶 饾棾饾椉饾椏饾椇饾棶 饾棻饾棽 饾椏饾棽饾椆饾棶饾棸饾椂饾椉饾椈饾棶饾椏饾榾饾棽 饾棸饾椉饾椈 饾棽饾椆...

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